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The Best Legal, Technical and Economic Treatment for Waste Management and Recycling.

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In "A. TEROL Abogados i Consultores", we provide you with the comprehensive (legal, technical and economic) assistance necessary for the daily operation of the companies dedicated to the Management of Residus and Reciclatge of Productes, but the implantation of Novel entities that are going to enter this camp or the internationalization of their services, provide the necessary contacts to the stranger that they guarantee the best legal, technical and economic treatment, with absolute legal security.

In addition, it is in a position to solve any problem that was related to the daily exercise of the activity, facilitating legal and technical coverage of the local and regional administration, in any case of ordinary administrative, urban or environmental administration. The nostres Arquitectes i Enginyers, així com els nostres tècnics ambientals, can attend to whatever need is presented, from the simple issuance of a verbal report on the viability of a License (follow d'obres or d'activitat) , in order to complete the implementation of a center related relationship with the management of residues and recycling activities.

We can provide all kinds of advice regarding the departure abroad of your company, follow both to export and to import, waste or recycled products, putting you in contact with professionals (Lawyers, Technicians, Economists ) both from the EU and from non-EU countries, with the same time in conditions to facilitate full legal coverage in international contract matters.

In providing services to local governments, we enjoy extensive experience in the treatment of waste, both related to landfills (both inert and of any other type), as well as in the implementation and control of plants intended for both recycling and alternative energies. Our technicians have participated in multiple cases of quarry recovery, with or without the implementation of inert waste treatment plants.

In short, we can advise you, both at the request of the activity in Spain and abroad, on any issue related to the recycling of:
* Plastic products.
* Paper and Cardboard.
* Aluminum.
* Scrap metal from cars.
* Scrap of all kinds of origin.
* Appliances.
* Piles.
* Tires.
* Energy production plants through waste treatment.
* Hazardous waste.

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