A. TEROL Lawyers

Our commitment to your satisfaction.

A. Terol Attorneys and Consultants firm was founded in 1978 and it is located in Valencia (Spain), expanding its practice in the local and national domain and within the European Union. Likewise, liaising with professional lawyers in the E.U, USA and Latin America.

Since its beginning, the firm has placed great value on the human element and endeavored to nurture this asset in order to meet the customers’ needs and requirements. The fulfillment of this aim is what our teams’ expertise and resources are directed to.

Ethics and full commitment to the tasks assigned are the core principles on which our professional practice is firmly rooted.

A.Terol Lawyers is fully dedicated to providing top quality customer service, striving that every proceeding will keep the customer satisfied within the Deontological Codes which regulate every activity of the legal profession. This compromise extends to all company members and other field professionals such as experts or economists and to any other outside collaborator.

C/Muñoz Degrain, 3, 1º, 2ª 46003 Valencia (Spain) Telephone: 963 920 100